image of Tim McGrath

Hi, My Name is Tim McGrath. I am a design student at Eastern Illinois University. I started this blog in order to share my design work, as well as, get better at my writing skills. I’ve always had difficulty with writing about graphic design. I feel like the WordPress community that is filled with people who love to write. I have always had a thing for good design, I come from a fine arts background and then later found a passion for graphic design back in 2010. I’m passionate about many things related to the science field. Cognitive science and computer science and two areas of study that I would like to know more about. I feel like both of these fields have a deep connection to design.
My areas of study are:

Motion Graphics
Graphic Design
Web Design
Interaction Design
Branding Design

Although I don’t believe that I am a master of any of these fields I find myself gravitating toward them. I find that in my spare time I am always reading about the exciting things that people can do with these mediums. Check out my design portfolio on Behance and also follow me on twitter. I would love to talk and share my design ideas with you.



Thank you,


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